Death files for a restraining order

Lujay's Journal, Chapter 4

Today…I felt old, for the first time in my life. First, I headed home from the temple. Dad, Ben Bestendige, and Bron Bestendige were discussing what to do in the wake of the destruction. There are opportunities for the family to make great money, but Bron said it's too dangerous to stay. I assured them that I'd investigate the source of the strange attacker and that we should stay and take advantage of the business. Then two guards come to collect me for the Council of Chieftains — Dad seemed really proud! I nervously stood before the council and accepted their mission: bring a treaty offer to the human kingdom of Torbel, and return home with supplies. Before going home, I went to check on Mimi, who turned out to be in the infirmary, in great pain from completely crushed legs. I comforted her until she slept then followed a rumor of rain inside the mountain. Hun and I found Silva at the site of the downpour. He explained that he'd caused the rain with new abilities born of his pent up rage. 

I got home to find Dad and Bron in a fistfight. Bron stormed upstairs. Dad said that Bron said unfair things about what Mom would have wanted us to do. I told him about what the Council wanted me to do, and I persuaded Bron to join me instead of leaving in dishonor. With Bron, Silva, and Hun, I went to investigate the monster attack. We got sidetracked by Peckelsheim's posing as part of our group. I couldn't help but burst the little con artist's bubble by destroying his credibility. That was good enough for me, but Hun was deeply offended and swore to end him. Back on the trail of the aboleth, we found Davik digging through the rubble, tossing aside huge rocks like pillows. When confronted, his eyes blazed red, and he went back to his normal strength. We found a giant hole that made me dizzy and caused my heart to seize up just from slithering to the edge to look in. Then, in the passage down to where we ended the Cabal, we saw Peckelsheim. We ran after him until I noticed that he was running as if he could see in the dark, which isn't normal for gnomes. Hun and Silva wanted to go after him anyway, but that seemed like a bad idea, so Bron and I went to investigate at the Spiral Tower. Thrake was not well informed about the aboleth attack, so he was willing to trade information. He's supposed to research and give us an answer tomorrow. As we turned to leave, I heard a painful yell in Davik's voice! I ran to him, but the mages held me back, saying it was just a corpse. Apparently its soul had been ripped out? Or it never had one? But what or who did we see back in Low Pick? Thrake wanted to go see.

We rode down in his cab and found Silva emerging from the dark corridor with a barely alive Hun in tow. They had been under some kind of mind control or illusion but managed to defeat the horrible cloaker that attacked them. Silva was barely prevented from killing himself in despair for what he did and failed to do under mental control. So back to the infirmary…why don't these guys listen to me…and another terrible shock. Mimi has developed the bleach. I demand that the priest heal her up enough for me to take her away. She will never walk or dance again…but that can't be the end of her life!



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