Death of Gullander "Shadow" Peckelsheim

I had finally gotten my revenge on the dishonest and no good Gullander Peckelsheim aka Shadow.

Here is how it went down.

Glin, Silva and Myself just got done talking with Thoric and the cleric while the creature was still trapped in the barrier, We tried to talk the to the creature but he just told us to go "Suck It." So we talked to Vic and got Vic to give us stuff for the alive creature and he disappeared.

We went to the tavern now and saw Peckelsheim and i offered 100 gold to capture him as he fled. Silva caught him rather fast and we tied him up as guards started to come. I walked him to the prison and they shackled him up to the wall. I paid the guard to turn his back as i poured Abolith Slime on his pecker and chest and gagged him as i left. His body started to turn to mush. 

Later that night i retrieved his skull, got all the meat off it and carved "Traitor" into it. I still have his skull.



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