Lujay's Journal, Chapter 6

After Mom’s funeral, I helped Mimi get settled back in her rooms at the tavern. I went home and was just finishing my packing when I heard a roar like that of a large wild animal. Ben Bestendige came running to tell me my friends were fighting about a stone that was killing Glin. There was a trail of red and green blood leaving the stables. As I tried to determine where it led, a guard came up and told me that he’d seen Hun with an unconscious Silva moving at top camel speed towards the temple. I hastily mounted my pony and followed them.

At the temple, Silva was awake, but his eyes stared unseeing from a somber face, a small pile of papers ignored on his lap. “What the hell happened?” “Fight.” I nodded and asked after the other two. No one has seen Glin…I realized she must be dead and her body transported to Vic. Not good. Hun had left Silva here and then rode surfacewise, so I followed. I caught sight of him near the gate. He glanced back and saw me, startled, and started moving faster, causing a small skull dangling from a chain to bounce into view. Oh that settles it, he definitely murdered my curious Glin! “Make way!” I yelled, trying to get through the press of the crowd. Hun took off, trampling several dwarves in his haste to escape. “Look out! Watch out for the murderer!” Suddenly a chain flew out to wrap his camel’s legs, but the camel didn’t trip or slow, and a fully black [[Dyno’kin]] was then dragging along behind. I popped off a couple of crossbow bolts that accomplish nothing, then Hun attempted to cut the chain with his sword. He lost his balance, fell, and hit his head.

I jumped down, and finding him unconscious, I started tying him up. Then a ghost emerged from the skull, cheering on Hun’s downfall. “…Peckelsheim? What the hell happened to you?” His story horrified me. Hun had given him an agonizing death and bound his spirit to his own skull, and he had spent years tortured in the nine hells. He begged for release. “We’ve never been friends, but I’ll do that for you, when I find out how.” He looked so traumatized from his experience that I could hardly even try to shut him up as he prattled on and on.

I thanked Raz the Dyno’kin for his help and found out he was trying to collect a bounty on Hun. “I’ve got no problem with you taking his head, but I might need to talk to him first. Cut me in, and I’ll make sure you get yours.” He joined me and a contingent of guards in delivering the demon man to prison. The guards locked Hun in a hole. I took his evil magical sword and shield to the temple, where all they could do was bury them deep in the crypts under piles of rubble. Ernak was able to release Peckelsheim, though. The skull, which had been carved with the word “TRAITOR”, disintegrated, and the spirit’s expression relaxed as if waking from a bad dream as it rose and faded away.



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