Mimi's challenge

Lujay writes a letter

Lujay Bestendige realizes that it's not a good idea to bring Mimi along on the expedition, but he can't just leave her to fade away. She's a talented individual — surely the bards' college or the Spiral Tower would take her in as a student and keep her mind active. 


Do you think that your song will be lost in the chorus of sorrows surrounding you now? Do you disdain this new and interesting life you’ve been given? Perhaps you fear that your friends will avoid you, or worse, that they will pity you? Never! I challenge you! What you have lost in flesh, you will gain a hundred times over in spirit! 

Your pain is a seed that will grow your greatness. You've always had  power in you, so claim it! Claim every drop of pain that hits you, like a drop of water that over time builds a stalagmite, towering above the floor from which it grows. Grasp your despair, own your struggle, purify your loss into incredible beauty. 

We both stand on the verge of great change. Loss and gain, bliss and despair, they all blend together when viewed from this height. Fate is in flux, and not all choices are ours to make. Let go. We will not fade! We will fly. 




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