My new "apprenticeship"

Lujay's Journal, Chapter 1

A glorious day of New Things! While working to clear the lot of the Goodberrys' once and future pub, we received visitors! A small, fascinating dinosaur-like person from distant lands was having a tense encounter with an entirely too serious cloaked human. I attempted to defuse the situation, and she consented to answer some of my impertinent questions. (I'm sometimes told that ALL of my questions are impertinent, but that's not true!) She even agreed to meet me later for a drink after I could handle some other business. And the other business, dear diary?! A wealthy, eccentric human wanted to invest 200 gold in the family business! 

His name is Tripp, and he makes traps, and he has a yak. The serious-face human is his friend Silva, and there's this grungy guy with no tongue called Talker. I went to get Eberk to help write up a business contract then ran off to meet the dinosaur person. Glin's got a different way of thinking. It's easy to believe she knows nothing about Gnomes and Dwarves because she's from so far away. We talked for hours. The new business partners happened to come into The Bits and Chips, and I bought them each a pint of The Gold, which was particularly fine that night.

Eventually I helped a stumbly Glin leave the inn. As we set off to collect her pony, I glanced down the alley and saw an actual murder happening! Two cloaked dwarves stabbed a third and left him bleeding. I yelled and ran to his side. "Who was it?" "…the…cuhb…" I called for help to get him to a healer, and Glin stepped up to help. She magically healed the victim, giving off a green aura that some people in these parts mistrust. Once he was stable, our new friends carried him off to the healer. After making sure they were headed the right way, I turned back to Glin just in time to catch one of the murderers trying to take advantage of her tipsy condition and steer her away from safety. 

Murder in the streets!? Waylaying of kind strangers?! What is my fair city coming to?!? When Silva reveals that he is out to collect bounty on Cabal members, I know that it's time for my showy swordplay to fulfill its grim purpose. 




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