Today was a wonderful time, however I never got to catch that petersheckal or putercheck. Whatever his name is, but in due time I shall get justice on him. While searching for this dishonorable piece of shit, me and silva came across a really strange ritual. Silva became effected by something that made him go crazy, his eyes became all crazy like. I fought until the bitter in, i remember killing some creature and then blacking out. I came too on the back of Silva and dazed in and out before a ring healed me.

I met up with that weird Dino dude who healed me more, but as it healed me, i could hear all my ancestors speaking to me, i knew they were my family, they never gave a word of praise. I have never been praised for anything in my life, from my normal family or even my Du Mon Sect, never once a praise. However when hearing all those negatives family members, i just tune them out but the very in, i heard something.

Four little words

"I like your style"

Those words from no a family member but something different. I knew it wasn't a family person because my family doesn't praise me, but i must find who this person was who praised me. I have a new quest besides my idea of becoming strong for my revenge.



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