Friends in low places

Lujay's Journal, Chapter 2

We headed down to Low Pick and found my friend Dirk Darkstone at the Miners Rest.  I described the murderous, scar-faced dwarf.  Of course, we had to speak in riddles of boulders falling, instead of real blood spilled by cruelty and steel, but he gets the picture.  As it turns out, the scar-faced dwarf Haggard is sitting on the other side of the pub with some of his Cabal buddies. Dirk helped me get out of the pub without being seen. We quietly finished exchanging information and parted ways. Tripp, Silva, Glin, and I waited hours until the cabal members emerged. I was shocked to see my own cousin Ben Bestendige walking back to our part of town but ignored him for the moment. Haggard stumbled deeper into Low Pick. We followed him at a careful distance until he came to a place where there were a number of cots gathered together within a low wall. Most of the cots contained sleeping dwarves. After Haggard lay down, Glin snuck in and decided to slit his throat. Dramatic! Blood everywhere with a hideous gurgling, and the sleepers awoke. Many of them attacked, and many others ran away. Glin was cut down very quickly. I popped off a few crossbow bolts before I was seen, then switched to my sword. Tripp and Silva handled the heavy fighting, then they were down. I danced around the last one standing, and he eventually got frustrated with my evasive style. He threatened to kill the unconscious Tripp if I didn't stop avoiding him. I disarmed him, but he still murdered Tripp with his bare hands. I managed to knock him out in the end, not kill him, because I knew we needed information. And was that ever lucky! One of the dwarves that got away when the fighting started came running up with some of the town guard. Well, I was easily able to spin my side of the story given that I hadn't even killed the last guy, and one of them recognized Silva from discussing the bounty on Cabal members. They bound both me and the Cabal snitch in manacles and marched us back for questioning while Silva and Glin were revived.

After lots of questions all around, we claim our bounty and go to retrieve our friends at the temple. I send a message to my family, and the answer is devastating. The priest comes back with the body of my precious mother  Dumia, murdered in cold blood by the stinking Cabal in retribution for my actions. Terrified for the rest of my family, I wrote to my dad in dramatic terms how I understand he needs to disown me. In answer, he comes to me himself, claiming me as a true Bestendige, dearly loved and needed in this time of hardship. Feeling ten times the man I was moments ago, I get the party together to take out the rest of the Cabal. Dakar Bestendige collects cousins Bron Bestendige and Ben Bestendige to avenge Mom. We were descending a dark tunnel out of Low Pick before it hit me that Ben was with us. Ben, who had conspired with the Cabal. We had it out in the tunnel, Dad violently expressing his distaste for Ben's choice of company. Ben said that he was only doing minor errands for them. His cowardice was dishonorable, but I intervened to keep him alive, believing his exposure would force him to choose the correct side in this conflict. We continued on and were required to rappel down a small cliff. At the bottom, we encountered a group of Cabal members and an explosion and a beach, then everything happened very quickly. I encouraged a prisoner in a cage to join our fight, and Ben released him.  Eventually Ben even struck a blow against the Cabal, being repaid instantly in kind. We struck down many before the leader emerged, clad in shiny armor and wielding terrible weapons. Eventually we defeated him and all of his lackeys on the beach, but a pirate ship sailed away, The Dread Waves



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