Deepwise to calamity

Lujay's Journal, Chapter 3

Reeling from the fight with the Cabal and their pirate friends, we take a breather and examine all the stuff left here on the secret beach. There are weapons, food, and silver that clearly need good homes! I work with Dad, Bron, and the grudgingly re-accepted Ben to rig a pulley and lift the goods up to where we can push, pull, and drag them back to Low Pick. I send for Dirk Darkstone, and he helps with the move from there. Then I waste some time doing inventory of the boring stuff and selling it off.

The prisoner in a cage that Ben had set free is a human called Hun. He retrieves his camel and weapons and is glad to join us. I've got to find out more about his story later! But we find out this part: he has no pecker. Silva keeps calling him "Dickless". And he gave it up willingly, as some kind of initiation rite? The idea startles and horrifies me, and it's as if I'm wilting in sympathy. No! I must feel alive and virile! Immediately I run off to The Bits and Chips. Mimi can tell l'm distraught, and it so happens that she's able to slip away…

As I stroll down the stairs hours later, my manhood vigorously reaffirmed, tremors suddenly rock the building. When's the last time Silver Mountain had an earthquake?!? I hustle outside and observe people running surfacewise. I stop a particularly panicked one from spreading his nonsense and get him to lead others to safety. Mimi is already locking up. With my new friends Silva, Glin, and Hun, I run depthwise to find the trouble, and wow, is there trouble. 

We find bodies everywhere, killed by falling rocks or collapsing structures, for real this time. Ultimately by running against the direction of the crowd, we find the source of panic. It looks like an aboleth, but it's flying through air and rock, not water. It has a cloud around it that makes breathing difficult. And thinking. But I run to the general store and find that it doesn't follow me. First I collect a breathing mask for me plus as many more as I can carry. Then I test the slime that the creature left at the door. Does it react to acid? Lye? Fire? Then I need more acid to take it out! With breathing masks and as many vials of acid as I can find, I run out to rejoin the fight. The vials I manage to land on the aberration seem to be doing some damage. Hun has fashioned a crude bomb and attaches some acid before hurling it, to great effect. It dissolves into slime, then nothingness, but Hun collects some vials of slime for future use. We both have been slimed, and our arms are turning into goo. Contact with water helps, and we wrap the affected areas in dripping wet towels before running to the temple. Luckily,a priest had a potion that restores us to normal. 



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