Shadow (Peckelsheim)

Annoying thief (Deceased)


His real name is Gullander Peckelsheim, Gully for short. Lujay dislikes him. Hun bought him out of jail. Shadow took his brief employment as license to paint himself as a hero by association. Now dead thanks to the doing of Hun, he is little more then a bound servant. Attached to his skull, when he manifests he appears as himself when he died in his prison cell. Hands still bound by the bar and manacles the center of his chest slightly open revealing a horror of ghostly gnomish innereds, his lower half missing, though his over all color is a feint green hue, as he hovers off the ground. Since his return from the nine-hells, he claimed he was being punished in for years since his death, he vows to one day visit on his owner the same grizzly fate.


Shadow (Peckelsheim)

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