Kill ?


I like to kill.

The pattering sound of the rain drown out the noise the vessel would have made on the rough , hellish sea. A lonely fishing boat descends as the sea swallows the souls lost in the fray. Young Silva , bored , sits on the bow of the fully rigged ship , watching as the chained men are forced to their knees by the deckhands. “Y’all know our price for fighting back, huh?” says Captain Jonathan Kite. " I would gut you meself but , i’m a busy man , y’all know." As the Captain reveals a blood stained dagger from it’s sheathe and points it at Silva. “Boy , dispose of the hubris on my deck , and be quick about it.” If you disobey my orders once more i’ll start sending your body parts to your mother. She’ll get a kick out of it , hahahaha." The young Silva glares at the Captain and walks towards him ; grabbing the dagger from the Captain’s old , wet hands. “Watch where you direct that hatred of yours at you son of a bitch and return the dagger to me after you are done with the riff-raff.” The Captain’s final words were spoken. Silva quickly slices the throat of the seven remaining fishing boat captives , seething at the Captain’s words which bite and gnaw at him. Something clicks in him. A blood lust that he could no longer contain or hide or conceal. He needed an outlet. He had the perfect one. Later that night , and the guise of the night. Silva sneaks into the Captain’s cabin with the intention of returning the dagger. The boy Silva plunges the dagger into the stomach of Johnathan Kite , twisting the sharp metal around his innards. The captain screams for a brief moment before the blood soaked cloth lodges itself in his throat. " The crew can’t hear you. The storm in here. I’m just returning the dagger. Good night , sir."


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