The crude dwarfs weren't so crude after the War of Tendrils. Having alienated the other races a bit before the war cost them everything. Now, 60 years after the first saved Duegar, they have sided with the new gnomes and were purged of a weird "taint" by their new deity Brigh. These "new dwarves" have regained their races appearance and some old whispered dwarven traits, though some of them discovered a power used by old foes. These few are not alienated, since that put them in this position in the first place. They see this as a great power. Though welcome in all gnome lands, the gnomes liberated the Silver Mountain and gave it to the dwarves to call home.

Dwarves may have only been back for a "short" time, the help of the gnomes has aided their quick flourishing. They in turn see them as a greatly trusted ally. They have adopted and discovered a natural talent for craft, after being taught by the gnomes.

Lang: Gnome, Trade (Dwarven can't be chosen at 1st.)

Racial Abilities:
•    +2 Con, +2Mental, -2 Cha
•    Medium Size
•    Slow & Steady: Speed 20ft, Armor/ Emburance does not effect their speed.
•    Minesight: Darkvision 90ft, but Dazzled in Bright lights & suffer -2 vs light spells.
•    Deep Training: +2 Dodge Ac, +1 Att. Roll, +2 grapple VS Aberration.
•    Hardy: +2 VS. poison, spells, spell-like ablities.
•    Stable & Relentless: +4 racial bonues VS. Bull Rush & Trip attempts against the dwarf. +2 to all Bull Rush & Overrun attempts against the dwarf's target.
•    Stonecunning: +2 Appraise on works of Metal or Stone. +4 to notice unusesal stone work or hidden stone doorways.


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