Gnomes are not native to the lands of Aedan, but hail from the lands of the Ever Gleam. They were driven out by the falling of their realm to terrifying creatures, known as the Devourers. Now, they live on an island far off the coast, called Prism Point, and make trade with the other races by merchants on magical paddle boats. Though the island is open to visitation, they do not allow large vessels with unstowed weapons to come within firing range. 

They are a clever people, with love for studies, play, and food. They love to create and learn. 

Gnomes do travel and send back information on cultures or lore discovered. They may have been here for forty years, but still know very little of this world. They have brought with them the power of Mecha-Magic.

Physicals: They tend to stand about 3'0 through 3'10, with wildly different hair and eye colors. Their skin stands between fair and dark. Many gnomes love dress and make it a point to wear creative outfits, that break or shatter the normal idea of dress code.
Lang: Gnome, Sylvan, Trade

Racial Abilities:
•    2 Con, +2 Mental, -2 Str
•    Small Size ( +1 AC & Att. Roll, -1 CMB/CMD, and +4 to Stealth)
•    Speed 20ft
•    Low-Light Vision
•    Keen Senses: +2 Perception
•    Fey Luck: +1 to All Saves
•    Obsessive:  
3 to one Craft, Knowledge, or profession.
•    Old Hatred: 2 AC / +1 Att. VS Aberrations and Oozes.
•    Mental Resistance:  
2 VS Illusion & Compulsion Spells and Effects.
•    Fey Magic: The character selects two 0-level druid or sorcerer spells. They share uses, with a total of three times a day. The caster level is equal to the user's character level. The DC for the spell-like abilities is equal to 10 + the user's Charisma modifier.


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