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Allie's Quick Guide to this Wiki

Click on a blue page name to view. Click on a purple page name to create a new page. 

Link to a character like so, using the lowercase slug shown on your character page: 

Link to a wiki page like so, using the Case Sensitive title of the page: 

This works even if the page doesn't exist! It'll show up in purple for someone to click on and create later. When you get to an existing page you want to edit, just click the edit button to the left of the title. You can style your text using the controls at the top, or get into the source and use Textile formatting.

I recommend everyone use these simple tags like these for wiki pages: race, diety, place, rules, people. (People would be groups of people, not individuals. Create NPCs through the character page.)

If you don't know where to start, try clicking the blue button to the right to see the existing pages. Go in and edit pages if you want to see how they work.

Main Page

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