The Lazy Bard presents…"The Playtest".

There is not much to fill here as I'm taking my consorted ideas and trying to meld them to together. The setting will still be shifting and molding based on the actions of my players' characters and the feed back of the players themselves.



What's what here on Obsidian Portal: 

This is built to be a very open, cooperative effort to share information, and thelazybard is giving us xp for pitching in, so win/win.

  • Dashboard is summary stuff, recent posts and such. Pretty sweet.
  • This is the front page! Hi!
  • The forum is just a forum! Probably all out of character discussion.
  • The calendar has real-life dates of game sessions, and maybe we should post on the calendar when we're not able to come to game?
  • Post in the Adventure Log about our story. I'm posting in character, but I have done third-person logs in the past. You can post comments on Adventure Logs! Just keep in mind your characters don't have in-game access to actual journals and internal player thoughts. Maybe keep it OOC.
  • The Media Library is where our esteemed GM has dumped his rtf files of setting information. I'm copying that content over to the wiki as I create related pages.
  • Information about the world goes in the wiki, unless you're thelazybard, then you do what you want.
  • Create characters including NPCs through the Characters page. After a character is created, you can go back and edit it and transfer ownership to someone else. That means we can set up other players' characters or NPCs and hand them off. You can still edit NPCs when they don't belong to you.
  • Maps are maps, if we ever have any. I'm so helpful!



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